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The Imation Link 5112 Review

by leauto35 September 17th, 2010

The Imation Link 5112 Wireless Audio/Video Extender is the ultimate in audio and video streaming. While media streaming with projectors has been around for a while, there was a need for PC to TV media streaming.  This included the requirement for a wireless connection to avoid the need for a costly wired connection. Imation solved the problem with the Link Wireless Audio/Video Extender. It provides wireless connectivity to a HDTV or projector and can stream just about any type audio or high definition video from your PC.  This will take your home entertainment system to another level of enjoyment.

The Imation Link has a small form factor 10.9”x 4.0”x 5.5” and comes in black at this time.  It connects to a TV or projector using either the HDMI or VGA input and to the PC with USB 2.0 technology.  The Link 5112 supports high definition video up to 720p and high resolution photos up to 1080p along with stereo audio. It is compatible with XP, Vista or 7 and of course it works with Mac’s.

Installation is easy with this product. The fin shaped receiver plugs into the HDMI or VGA input on a TV or projector.  The wireless transmitter connects to a standard USB port on a desktop PC or laptop.  There is no problem with setup since all the required drivers (PC/MAC) for the USB transmitter and setup files are included on a CD.

You are not tied down with the distance restriction along with expensive and ugly cabling to connect the PC to the TV. Imation Link’s Certified Wireless USB 2.0 technology eliminates the cable issue. It features a directional antenna to improve link performance.  This unit works up to 30 feet (line of site) distance without any Wi-Fi interference.

Now you are not limited to what you can do with your HDTV. You can watch movies streaming online or DVD.  Enjoy internet based sites, videos, and shows. Plus playing your computer games on the HDTV will take it to a new level of entertainment.  Imagine seeing friends and family on the HDTV while you video chat with them.  The link incorporates wireless USB 2.0, the industry standard ultra-wideband technology.  Using this reliable and secure transmission method makes it perfect for home viewing or at the office for your business presentation.

You cannot go wrong with the Imation Link 5112. The ease of installation and operation, high throughput, flexibility, and security makes this a no brainer.  You will enhance your viewing experience.


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